Could artificial intelligence compete against marketing professionals and agencies?

In the position where ChatGPT currently stands, the possibility of generating creative ad content is a reality. Still, it is not at the stage that surpasses the effectiveness of experienced marketing agencies. Marketing agencies have a broad understanding of market preferences and current trends, how to reach specific audiences appropriately, creative decision-making, and crucial problem-solving skills. Nevertheless, the features of ChatGPT have taken us by surprise, making us feel like we have never used the Internet before. The answers produced by the artificial intelligence platform are becoming more accurate and consistent. Due to its increased content generation capabilities, the ChatGPT marketing tool has become a helpful advertising tool for marketers.

Chatgpt a marketing tool

ChatGPT as a marketing support tool

It is possible that ChatGPT could play an important role in the future, but at the moment it has the potential to only assist in content writing. A language model like Chat GPT can be a useful support tool that helps generate content ideas and provide multiple options.

  • Supporting content creation

ChatGPT may be used by marketers to improve the quality of already published content by editing written material, offering comments, summarizing key points, and enhancing overall text readability. Additionally, ChatGPT can improve SEO strategy by looking at the best keywords and tags.

  • Enhancing customer service

Businesses may teach ChatGPT to reply to frequently asked inquiries and have human-like conversations with consumers. ChatGPT might offer round-the-clock customer service rather than taking the place of people. Leaving intricate jobs to people might improve internal procedures and maximize corporate resources. Additionally, ChatGPT may be taught in several languages to enhance customer happiness and experience.

  • Automating repetitive tasks

Marketers spend a lot of time on repeated processes like sending emails and writing social media posts. While customer relationship management software has helped with some of that difficulty, ChatGPT may improve it by adding a deeper level of personalization by creating creative content.

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ChatGPT for marketing

What are the current barriers of Chat GPT?

As we previously stated, ChatGPT is currently a helpful support tool that can generate creative content when given a set of instructions or prompts. Apart from the content that will not be as impactful as that created by someone with experience and skills, the artificial intelligence model cannot currently understand the cultural context or current market trends. Because of this, the content generated may be less relevant or practical for the situation and target audience. As ChatGPT is still in its early stages, it cannot understand and apply concepts such as brand strategy, positioning, media planning, and results measurement.


The future of ChatGPT is forecasted to be bright. Even while ChatGPT has the potential to increase marketing efficiency, companies should only utilize the technology to supplement employees rather than replace them. ChatGPT, however, has the potential to significantly improve and complement current marketing procedures with the right marketing strategy and goals. AI is an ever-evolving technology. With applications in customer service, marketing, sales, search, knowledge bases, and content creation, ChatGPT promises to have even more significant effects on enterprises and society.

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