How Labelnone helped cowboys rank top 3 on their most important keywords

Client: Cowboys / Date: 2022-Present / Services: Search Engine Optimization


See how Labelnone helped Cowboys improve their online visibility and search engine rankings, ranking in the top 3 for their most important keywords and attracting more traffic to their website.

About Cowboys

Cowboys is a Dutch recruitment agency that combines creativity, online marketing, and data to reach, motivate and convince talent across various sectors, including hospitality, catering, delivery, care, technology, entertainment, media, education and financial services

What we have done

The goal of this project was to help Cowboys.nl, improve its search engine positioning to attract more clients (employers) rather than candidates. To achieve this, Cowboys partnered with Labelnone, a marketing agency specializing in improving search engine positioning.

Labelnone’s strategy was based on the use of SEO techniques to improve Cowboys’ ranking for keywords relevant to its industry, such as “employer branding”, “recruitment marketing” and “recruitment marketing agency”. This was achieved through a series of actions, such as:

1. SEO In-Depth Audit:

Focused on finding the main problems that the web presented regarding SEO.

2. Website Optimization:

Cowboys’ website presented some issues regarding the website structure. The use of generic keywords in meta titles and meta descriptions, and the repetition of them on different web pages were both attracting the wrong traffic and creating a cannibalization problem. Cowboys had a bounce rate of 83% and was not ranking for any keywords among the first 3 pages in SERPS.

3. Content Creation:

As mentioned above, Cowboys presented a non-optimal website structure. Labelnone created SEO-optimized landing pages for the different vacancies Cowboys offered, rather than only one landing page including all the vacancies they had. This strategy allowed Cowboys to target a wider range of keywords and start ranking for them among the first positions in SERPS.

4. Link Acquisition:

Cowboys were not following an adequate link-building strategy. They had 560 backlinks, but 83 were coming from low-quality sites, not related to their core business. This was affecting their authority score, which was only 9 at that moment. Labelnone worked to get quality links from other websites to the Cowboys site and remove the ones that were harming Cowboys’ SEO.

5. Analysis and Tuning:

Labelnone monitored the performance of the implemented actions, and made adjustments as needed to maximize results.


As a result of these actions, Cowboys boosted its SEO and visibility within 4 months. This was translated into a larger amount of leads and improvement of the following KPI’s:

Increased organic clicks to the website by
Increased organic traffic on the website by
Website bounce rate reduction by
Cowboys website increased its leads by

At the beginning of the project, Cowboys was ranking for 80 keywords, and only 15 were on the first page of Google.

Thanks to Labelnone´s efforts, they are currently ranking for 111 keywords, 25 on the first page of Google, and boosted their rankings for keywords like “employer branding” (2.900 monthly searches) from ranking 17 to 6 on Google.nl, “recruitment marketing bureau” (90 monthly searches) from 11 to 3 and “recruitment marketing” (880 monthly searches) from rank 13 to 3 on Google.nl.

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