How Flik Flak increased in 400% its ranking keywords with Labelnone

Client: Flik Flak / Date: 2022-Present / Services: Search Engine Optimization


Learn how Flik Flak boosted its number of ranking keywords and made a name for itself in the social media industry thanks to Labelnone.

About Flik Flak

FlikFlak is a TikTok agency for brands in the Netherlands. Based in Amsterdam, they rely on a team of 45 online creatives to produce the greatest TikTok content for companies such as Gogo, Rebelle, and Mysteryland, in order to target Gen Z by developing mind-blowing content.

What we have done

As a digital marketing agency, we were reached out to by Flik Flak, who was in search of help to manage their SEO. We were aware of the numerous possibilities as soon as we learned about the project and did not hesitate to accept the challenge.

Flik Flak needed to improve its positioning in search engines in order to gain visibility, attract traffic and increase the number of leads per month. To achieve that, we designed a tailored SEO strategy:

1. SEO In-Depth Audit:

Focused on finding the main problems that the web presented regarding SEO.

2. Technical SEO:

Flik Flak’s website had some issues that were affecting their rankings, like not including canonical tags in the HTML code, 404 broken links, and pages with indexing problems. Fixing these issues was a priority since Google bots were not able to crawl the website properly.

3. Keyword and Competition Analysis:

We analyzed the websites of Flik Flak’s 10 main competitors in order to see what keywords they were ranking for, how they were ranking for them, and their share of voice. Flik Flak was only ranking for 21 keywords and only sharing 3 of them with competitors. We found a gap of 139 keywords all their competitors were including in their strategies, so we got down to business in order to rank for them and improve the existing rankings.

4. Content Strategy:

In order for Flik Flak to boost their ranking keywords, we designed a content strategy focused on optimizing the existing content and creating new, based on the keyword research we had carried out.

5. Link-building strategy:

Flik Flak was following the wrong link-building strategy. When we analyzed the website we noticed they only had 43 backlinks, and none of them linked from a website related to their core business. This caused them to have a bad authority score. We removed all the backlinks and started implementing good-quality links from high-authority websites in the same industry.

6. Project Management and Reporting:

We provided Flik Flak with a monthly-progress report. This allowed both us and the client to check the success of the strategy and prepare the following steps.


The results speak for themselves. In just a few months Flik Flak went from barely having any visibility on Google SERPs to increasing its ranking keywords by 400%.

Increased organic clicks to the website by
Increased organic impressions on the website by
In 6 weeks the engagement rate increased to
Flik Flak website increased its leads by

Thanks to Labelnone’s strategy, Flik Flak started ranking for keywords important to its core business like “TikTok adverteren” (320 monthly searches) or “TikTok marketing” (260 monthly searches) in one month.

On the other hand, we boosted its rankings for keywords like “TikTok agency” (140 monthly searches), “TikTok agency Nederland” (90 monthly searches), or “TikTok strategie” (50 monthly searches), from positions 74, 93 and 99 to 26, 7 and 14 respectively, during the first month.

The previously mentioned search volume is based on historical data from Google ADS. Nevertheless, we expect it to rise since TikTok marketing is a fast growing business.

According to the customer

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