Make your Facebook ad optimization more profitable in 2023

Social media has become a fundamental component in businesses. Being the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook is one of the favorite social channels marketers use. But how can marketers optimize their ads favorably to receive the best results?. Facebook ad optimization is what distinguishes your campaign from the rest, and the tips that we mention in this blog will take your Facebook ad campaign to the next level in order to start the new year stronger than ever.

Facebook ad optimization

Stop ratio in Facebook ad Optimization

The percentage of visitors that stop scrolling and focus on your ads is known as the “stop ratio.” While this is not a revolutionary idea, we believe it has not received the attention it deserves.The fact is, it will not matter how exceptional your sales page is; all your investments will be in vain if people don’t stop scrolling through their feed and see your ad. For this reason, it is fundamental to create increasingly attractive campaigns on a visual level that are also optimized for mobile devices. In order to understand the stop ratio formula, you should look at:

Reach / 3 seconds of video viewing. 

What this formula is suggesting is that if your ad reaches 100 people and 10 of them view it for three seconds, only 10% of the audience will have stopped scrolling and stopped to see that ad.

Adapt your Campaigns to each Phase of the Customer Journey.

In 2023, every stage of the customer journey will require a different approach when it comes to your marketing campaigns. To understand this, put yourself in this situation.

Imagine you are convinced about buying a Tesla, and you find yourself entering the research phase, looking at models, colors, etc., but in the middle of this process, ads related to buying an electric car pop up. In this case, these ads are ineffective for you as they are not providing you with new information, as you are already aware of the benefits of driving a clean car. An ad that would resonate more with you would be one that explains the car options within reach for electric driving.

The customer journey can be divided into these three distinct phases:

  • The customer is not aware of the problem: You must give visibility to a problem that, until now, they did not know they had.
  • The customer knows the problem but does not know the solution: Educate the customer by informing and inspiring them. To achieve this, create ads where audiences can see how your product or service can solve their problem.
  • He is an existing client: At this point, you need to provide uniqueness and innovation to the customer to reinforce that relationship towards your brand.

You can indeed run generic campaigns and messages, but the key to getting better results lies in facebook advertising optimization in order for audiences to feel more identified with the content and relate to your brand.

Target Parallel Interests

Building targeted ad campaigns means thinking about what your audience wants. Facebook offers precise targeting based on a variety of interests. Nonetheless, the best strategy for 2023 is to think outside the box rather than targeting an interest that is identical to the product or service being advertised.By conducting parallel targeting, your campaign will reach more people while still focusing on highly relevant targeting factors. It is also worth considering parallel markets in this case, as by being unpredictable and including parallel markets, you can expand your reach without losing focus.

Take into account the Learning Phase of your Facebook Ads for optimization

When launching a campaign, there are a variety of different phases before it becomes active. During the learning phase, the delivery system is exploring the best way to deliver your ad set. Once the campaign has achieved 50 conversions per ad set since the last edit, it stabilizes. If 7 days pass and the algorithm is still in the learning phase, the status will change to “Learning Limited,” which involves an increase in costs and a decrease in conversions. This phase is necessary to help the system optimize ads, and the best thing you can do is wait out the learning phase without making any changes. Through this period of time, your DS is less stable, and the results retrieved are always indicative of future performance.


Optimizing Facebook ads can help you get the most out of your advertising budget and achieve your marketing goals. There are many factors that can affect the performance of your ads, including the target audience, ad format, landing page or tracking the right Facebook ad metrics. Remember to consider the overall strategy and goals of your business, and be sure to align your Facebook ad campaigns with those objectives. With careful planning and optimization, you can effectively reach and engage your target audience on Facebook.


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