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Our focus is on blending trends and providing you with the necessary tools to take full advantage of them. Check below how we did it with our last webinar.

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The impact of ChatGPT for Marketing agencies

ChatGPT, the generative language model developed by OpenAI, has taken the world by storm and revolutionized how we interact with technology. Watch our last webinar, to get a closer look at the basics of ChatGPT, its capabilities, and the potential impact it could have on businesses and people.

Plan of the webinar

  • Overview of the trend and its functions
  • Is it a disruptive innovation?
  • The trend’s effects on the marketing sector
  • How to maximise the trends possibilities
  • Utilizing the trend for SEO, PPC or SMMA: Strategies and Techniques
  • Inquiring: Asking questions and feedback

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Our speakers

Twan den Hartog

Managing Director

Experienced entrepreneur and leader with a proven track record in business development and innovation, effectively managing teams to drive growth and achieve success through a customer-centric approach.

Bart Knijnenberg | Head of PCC at Labelnone

Bart Knijnenberg

Head of PPC

T-shaped marketer with a specialization in advertising. In the past, he worked as Head of Marketing & Growth at Applied Sciences and Online Performance & Marketing Manager at Colorful Rebel. 

Petri van Gaalen

Online Marketing Specialist

Managed several projects and carried out extensive market research for various projects and industries in the Netherlands, Spain, and Dubai with an emphasis on the global SEO market. Experience with PPC projects.

  • Latest trends and strategies in SEO, social media, and PPC.
  • Get expert advice on using ChatGPT as a tool to support your digital marketing.
  • Latest developments on digital analytics with Google Analytics 4 training and insights on upcoming features.
  • Learn how to navigate a cookie-less world with strategies to thrive in this new environment.
  • Access to valuable tips, inspiring stories, and the latest news from the marketing digital world.

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